Condolence Book Buying Guide

A funeral condolence book is an important addition for any funeral, crematorium, memorial service or wake. Friends, relatives and work colleagues attending the funeral will feel they will want to leave their messages of condolence and for the family to have a memorial book keepsake that they can treasure forever. Therefore a condolence book that matches the the type of the service or the loved ones character is of particular importance. Choosing the colour or wording is a thoughtful process and can be influenced by the loved ones age, gender and character.

A funeral condolence book is a keepsake book for the family to treasure forever and be able to look back at a future date and read the messages of condolence that will bring back all the wonderful memories that the family may have or may not have been aware of and is a book to keep forever.

We have put together a list of the highlights to consider when making a condolence book purchase.


The Esposti range of funeral condolence books include a variety of colours, sympathetic to match the loved ones character. The condolence book range includes the colours; Black, White, Pale Ivory, Blue & Burgundy.

Cover Material & Texture

The cover material of the Esposti condolence book range are available in:

  • Hardback Padded – Hardback cover material that is padded with a subtle grain
  • Leather feel cover – A man-made material that looks and feels like leather
  • Finely Grained – A man-made material with a subtle grain
  • Linen – A linen material covering that is durable and a lovely alternate touch

Cover Wording

The condolence book cover wording is of particular importance to highlight the mood of the occasion and personality of the loved ones character and life. The Esposti range includes books with the titles:

  • Condolence Book
  • Book of Condolence
  • Book of Remembrance
  • Celebration of Life
  • In Loving Memory
  • In Memory
  • In Memoriam
  • Forever in our Hearts
  • Sleeping Peacefully

The condolence book cover titles available are in either Gold or Silver foil blocking.

Inner Pages Format

All Esposti condolence books include text on the introduction page that is titled:
‘In Loving Memory Of’ followed by an area to include the name of the loved one.

The Esposti condolence book range offer 4 different inner page formats that vary in style and page quantity and are either formal or informal.

Informal Blank – 64 or 96 informal blank pages allowing guests to leave their condolence messages in an informal scattered manner.
Informal Lined – 90 or 96 informal inner lined pages that each include 12 or 15 lines equally spaced for the funeral guests to leave their name and condolence message in an orderly format.
Formal with Sections – 64 inner lined pages with the title ‘Name & Address’, ‘Messages’ and 15 equally spaced lines for funeral guests to leave their name and condolence message in an orderly format. Followed by sections which include: Cards/Letters, Floral Tributes and Donations, these are for the bereaved family to complete for their own record.
Loose Leaf – The Esposti loose leaf condolence books include 50 one sided loose leaf pages that can be easily removed by a double screw mechanism. The pages can then be strategically placed in various locations or on guest tables to ensure everyone leaves a condolence message without the need to visit a particular funeral table that has been setup. At the end of the funeral memorial service the pages can be gathered together and inserted back into the book neatly and the 2 screws easily fastened.

Each loose leaf condolence book includes 50 one sided loose leaf pages that include the title ‘Name’ and ‘Memories’ followed by 15 evenly spaced lines giving the guest ample space to leave their condolence message and space for 750 individual messages.

Additional packs of 20 loose leaf pages can be purchased separately and one additional pack will fit in each loose leaf book giving space for a further 300 messages 1050 messages across 70 one sided inner loose leaf pages.

All Esposti condolence books include pages with either Gold Gilt edges or Silver Gilt edges.

Important: If you require additional loose leaf pages then please ensure you purchase either the gold edge or silver edge additional pages 20 pack to match your loose leaf condolence book.

Each Esposti condolence book includes a ribbon page marker.

Inside Back Cover Pocket

At the funeral or memorial service it is likely that guests will leave cards and separate message notes. Each condolence book in the Esposti range includes a pocket pouch inside the back cover where the order of service, separate cards and message notes can be stored for safekeeping.

Presentation Box

A condolence book is a keepsake to be treasured forever. All large Esposti condolence books come in a durable, neatly fitting presentation box so as it can be stored safely or presented to the family and be protected so that the book well preserved forever.

Table Signs

At a funeral or memorial service the condolence book will be generally be placed at a table in a particular location which may not be clear for all to see.

We offer two separate stand up funeral table signs that can be placed on the table and make it clear where the condolence book is located.


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